2 Easy Solutions for Cost-Effective Trade Show Signage Displays

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Today’s post shares two simple tips you can implement right away to make your trade show signage displays more cost-effective.

Transform Every Table Into A Trade Show Signage Display

Most trade show booths include a table or two to display products and provide a writing surface for clients to fill out contact cards, order forms, or sign-up sheets.

Quite often, the venue will provide tables for exhibitors, which can be very handy. But when everyone uses the same table as the centerpiece of their exhibit, every booth starts to look alike. And that’s precisely the opposite of what you’re trying to do with your trade show signage display.

But what if you could transform your table into something on-brand that stands out from your neighboring booths, while still giving you full use of the tabletop space? Well, you can, and it’s easy!

Merely draping a custom trade show banner over a stock table instantly transforms that bland function space into prominent signage. Doing so distinguishes your booth from the competition, and puts your logo or message right in front of anybody who approaches.

Best of all, custom banners are extraordinarily cost-effective and portable. Check out the Marvel Custom Signs Trade Show Banner page to learn more about the different styles and benefits of banner advertising.

Leverage The Power Of Purpose-built Trade Show Signage Displays

Resist the urge to try to have a single sign do everything. Though it may seem like a good idea, trying to cram the entire brand message, company history, and product catalog into a single sign is a big mistake that severely decreases the impact of your trade show signage displays.

It’s easy to see how this mistake gets made. We figure that info-stuffing makes the most of every sign spotting (i.e., if somebody is only going to see one of your signs one time, why not make that all they’ll ever need?). Plus longer sign copy might even increase booth dwell time as passersby stop to read for a while.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t often work that way. The average trade show attendee gives a sign 3-7 seconds of attention before they’re ready to move on, according to new studies by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research. If your sign takes any longer than that to read, few people will ever get the whole message. Big, dense blocks of text tend to discourage people, especially in a fast-paced trade show setting. Moreover, signs that try to do everything (overview your brand history, detail products, promote sales, etc.) tend to achieve very little; multiple messages and calls-to-action often get scrambled, and the reader comes away confused.

Instead of trying to design signs that do it all, leverage the power of purpose-built trade show signage displays. Each sign should do its job as part of the more extensive sign system. And remember: your ultimate goal is to get visitors talking to your representatives, not staring at signs.

Design some signs to intrigue (e.g., trade show graphics or banners hung high, decorated with your company logo or a scintillating bit of information about your company), others to inform (e.g. describing products or company history), and others to call-to-action. Each sign should work together, doing its part, rather than doing it all. Think of each sign as a chapter in the story of your business. This not only makes your signage more engaging and useful (without upping the price at all), it also increases dwell time by encouraging visitors to stick around and learn your whole story bit-by-bit.

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