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2022 Custom Signage Trends: How to Get Your Business to the Next Level?

Home 2022 Custom Signage Trends: How to Get Your Business to the Next Level?

Denver has seen signage change over the years. Many trends have come and gone, while many have come to stay. However, the pandemic has had a significant impact on signage trends. Business signs speak a lot about the company. Denver signs, whether they’re custom, channel letters, or personalized signs, boost your image.

This is why many businesses invest a lot in specialty signs. They are used to decorate mission statement walls. They also help attract customers by announcing updates. The business name, especially places like stores and restaurants, requires eye-catching branding.

But it is also important that businesses follow the trends to reach the next level of marketing.


Many businesses have adopted a minimalist approach. The same has been seen in custom signs trends. The simpler the sign, the more focused its purpose, and the better it is. You may have noticed how high-end brands use simple, classy fonts as their total logo design. Businesses with Denver signs seem to take a similar approach using only minimal design. This keeps the sign decent and attractive.

Adding a Digital Touch

Rapid digitalization is nothing new. The pandemic has urged many people to adopt digital solutions. The signage industry also uses digital screens instead of graphics to reach audiences. Viewers tend to pay more attention to digital screens than static advertisements.


Personalized signs are amongst the most popular signage trends. As technology and consumer data access increases, people demand a more personal connection. The customization options for signs make this easier, allowing sign owners to convey their message easily. Combined with digital screens, signs enhance the whole experience.

LED Neon Tubes

The trend of  LED lights in signage markets has also included a neon look-alike called flex neon. Specialty signs like LED neon tubes have become increasingly popular amongst modern based businesses and places. Neon tubes give a funky and appealing look to the sign. It grabs attention instantly and is also perfect for dark themes.

Organic Look

The minimalist and decent look that many people want has also favored organic designs. Trends in Denver custom signs have transformed from sharp and bold designs to simple, soothing ones. Organic designs are those that mimic nature and give off a calming feeling. This includes using softer shades, usually monotones with a subtle contrast.

To get the best updates on custom signs trends in Denver, contact us and learn all about it.

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