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4 Things People Get Wrong About Custom Vehicle Wraps

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Custom vehicle wraps are trendy for mobile advertising and fleet rebranding, but many stubborn myths about these products persist.

Today’s post sets the record straight. Read on to learn four things Colorado residents get wrong about custom vehicle wraps:

Myth #1: “Custom Vehicle Wraps Will Damage Your Car!”

This isn’t just wrong; it’s completely backwards! Not only will a custom vehicle wrap not damage your vehicle, but it’ll also actually protect the paint job. Custom vehicle wraps protect against UV rays, dirt, resins, hostile weather, and even some scratches, all while looking great and generating thousands of impressions for your business each month.

So long as you choose a quality custom vehicle wrap provider, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Myth #2: “It’s Not Safe To Wrap Car Windows!”

Granted, it’s usually not the best idea to slap an opaque decal on your windshield, but there’s absolutely nothing unsafe about placing custom vehicle wraps over windows. Custom vehicle wraps for windows are perforated, which means there are tiny holes that allow the driver or passenger to see through the window without any issue.

Myth #3: “Custom Vehicle Wraps Are Expensive!”

While we can’t speak for all shops in Littleton, Colorado, Marvel Custom Signs offers a wide variety of custom vehicle wraps to fit any budget. Whether you want something fast and affordable or the best wraps money can buy, we’ve got what you need in-house.

But it’s only once you consider the “cost per impression” that the value of custom vehicle wraps genuinely shines. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of a vehicle wrap is $0.77. Research by 3M found the CPM to be even lower for fleet graphics (at only $0.48). That’s substantially less than you’d pay using other advertising mediums.

Myth #4: “Custom Vehicle Wraps Are Tough To Remove!”

Hard for you to do in your driveway, maybe. But it’s no problem for the pros.

We effortlessly remove custom vehicle wraps every day without leaving a single trace of residue behind.

Free Custom Vehicle Wrap Quote And Design Consultation In Littleton, Co

If you live in Conifer, Indian Hills, Ken Caryl, Highlands Ranch, Englewood, Morrison, Lakewood, Evergreen, or Columbine, or regularly do business in the surrounding areas, and chances are you’ve seen some of our custom vehicle wraps on the road.

That’s because dozens of business owners throughout Littleton, CO, trust our team to deliver stunning, high-quality custom vehicle wraps on-time and under-budget.

We offer a wide range of custom vehicle wraps for you to choose from, including:

Let us help you design the custom vehicle wraps of your dreams-- your imagination only limits you! Whether you want to create graphics from scratch or recreate proven brand materials, we can do it in stunning detail and with precise full-color printing.

Call 720-738-1686 or fill out our easy contact form to book a free consultation with our custom vehicle wrap experts in Littleton, CO. There is never any obligation to buy, and your same-day quote is 100% free.

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