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Bathroom Signs

Having Bathroom Signs Makes a Difference for Your Denver Customers

Did you know that having bathroom signs can make a big difference in your customer satisfaction? Here's everything you need to know:

What Is Bathroom Signage?

The answer is very simple. A bathroom sign is usually seen as an indicator of the location of the public washroom (restroom). It will have text that says "toilet" or "washroom". There are other ways to indicate where a bathroom is located. They are also commonly referred to as restroom signs.
Rather than using text, pictures are also used to denote where the washroom is in an establishment.

Why Should I Care About Bathroom Signs?

If you want to provide the best customer service possible, then you should care about custom restroom signs.
What do customers usually do if they can't find the signs for a bathroom? They will most likely complain to a manager or your staff. That's not exactly what you want when the bathroom is just down the hall from where they are currently standing!
Customer service surveys and reviews often mention issues such as the accessibility of washrooms, even if it is only in passing. It doesn't matter if this issue takes up a large portion of the survey if it came up in only one instance.

Types of Bathroom Signs

While there aren’t too many uses of bathroom signs, there are lots of varieties, including custom bathroom signs. This is also what affects the cost of bathroom signs that you might be interested in.

  • Text Only: Many Denver establishments choose to use only text when they label their washrooms. While it can work in some cases, larger businesses like malls and stadiums may require a couple of signs with different layouts to make everything clear for all types of individuals (i.e, people who are color blind)
  • Pictograph: A pictograph is an image that represents a word or concept. Pictographs are often used in bathroom signs to indicate where the washroom for each gender is located. They can sometimes be accompanied by text as well.
  • Braille: In some countries, under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), signage must have braille so that those who are blind can find their way. These ADA bathroom signs are important to stay compliant. ADA-compliant bathroom signs are a must.
  • International Symbol of Accessibility: The international symbol of accessibility is required for public washrooms. It identifies which facilities are accessible and how many there are on each floor of a building. The universal symbol for males and females is required, but these symbols can sometimes be integrated into the international symbol.
  • Arrow: Arrows pointing toward the washroom are effective for businesses where only one restroom serves all genders, instead of having women’s or men’s restroom signs. These all-gender restroom signs can be especially helpful in older buildings that don't have gender-specific facilities.
  • Symbols with Text: A couple of images and accompanying text can help to simplify where each washroom is located. The text makes it clear where the bathroom is located while the images give your customers an idea of whether or not they can access it.
  • Floor Sign: These signs are better suited to stadiums and other large buildings. They are placed on the floor to show people where they should find the closest bathroom rather than pointing toward an individual facility.
  • Floor Sign with Arrows: This type of sign is similar to the one mentioned above but includes arrows that can help guide customers who cannot see or read signage from a distance and in a busy area.

Find Custom Bathroom Signs Near You!

Having a good bathroom sign can make all the difference in your Denver business. If people don't know where to find the facilities, they aren't happy which means they won't come back. So give them a reason to stay -- even when they have to go!
Your best bet is to go with a bathroom sign maker in Denver, for the best results.
To get started, contact Marvel Custom Signs today!


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