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Traditional promotional signage runs along the side of the business, parallel to the building and the flow of traffic; this placement impacts both pedestrians and commuters through clear and to-the-point branding. It’s been done that way for centuries and evidently, works very well.

However, It’s a different story in the more crowded commercial areas and shopping centers in Denver. In these areas where there is a high volume of foot traffic and unit after unit contains a different business competing for customer attention, traditional signs begin to lose distinction. Inevitably, some businesses will be passed over amidst all the noise, losing potential customers and money in the process. 

Custom blade signs have emerged as an effective solution to this problem. 

Pure Body & Mind Blade Signs in Denver, CO

What is a Blade Sign?

Blade Signs are smaller, sleeker signs that are attached perpendicularly to a business exterior or facade. The prominent placement faces the normal traffic flow so that the professionally designed logos and branding directly influence passersby.

The blade sign is attached vertically or horizontally to the exterior walls by a supporting beam or beams. The sign itself can hang below, run above, or be sandwiched between the supports depending on the building requirements and desired marketing effects. 

Types of Blade Signs 

The exact format of this promotional signage strategy will vary depending on the location of your business, the quality of its exterior facade, desired aesthetic design, and the intended impact of your marketing. At Marvel Custom Signs, we offer a variety of different blade signs solutions to Denver-based businesses. 

  • Hanging Signs
  • Illuminated Signs
  • Signs for Retail
  • Interior Signs 
  • Vertical Signs
  • Outdoor Signs

Uses of Blade Signs

Forward-thinking businesses use these innovative signs to cut across the noise of competitor branding. Blade signs provide a professional, minimalistic display that helps focus attention towards your business’s branding. Depending on your logo’s orientation, shape, and size, the sign can be installed horizontally or vertically to maximize impact. 

These signs are most effective in areas with high foot traffic. Busy shopping districts, Denver malls, and other large commercial buildings with multiple retail units are the perfect places to use these powerful signs. 

As the top blade signs manufacturer in Denver, Marvel Custom Signs are experts at determining the proper implementation strategy for your business. We’ll walk you through every step of the process, from strategizing and ideation to implementation. 

If you’re tired of entering “blade signs near me” in the Google Search Bar, contact our professional team at Marvel Custom Signs today! Run by veterans, we have extensive expertise in providing Denver businesses with the promotional branding material they need to set themselves apart in a crowded marketplace.  



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