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They are so effective at performing their desired function that most people don’t notice them unless they’re really good, really bad, or entirely absent. They help us navigate crowded shopping centers, busy downtown areas, and find essential services in the middle of nowhere. Simply put: "Commercial building signs are still critical to business success in the modern era".

It’s beyond the point where we even need to answer the question: “what is a building sign?” We see them every time we enter a commercial structure in Denver. Although these signage solutions are sometimes easy to overlook, they are crucial to getting your business into the minds of customers. 

Types of Building Signs 

Your company will have different branding needs depending on your location, the services and products you provide, and the quality of your building. These factors all contribute to the unique needs of your Denver business and marketing strategy, leaving you with a variety of exterior building signs that can be used on the exterior of your commercial structure. These include:

These options, alongside many others offered by our professionals at Marvel Custom Signs, will give your commercial storefront the professional face-lift it needs to stand out against the background noise. You work tirelessly to provide quality products and services; we’ll work just as hard to find you the perfect promotional solution.

Uses of Building Signs 

Business building signs are typically the first line of interaction between your company and potential consumers. When properly created, they incorporate the ethos of your Denver-based business into professional-looking imagery that contains the company name, slogan, and branding. Here are some of the essential functions these signs provide:

Brand Recognition — Without letting people know your business is out there, how can you ever expect to succeed? Full-size promotional building signs position your company prominently wherever it may be. Social media and digital advertising, on the other hand, are still confined to tiny screens, proving to be less effective in the “real world.” 

Targeting Specific Consumers — The customizable solutions provided by today’s sign manufacturing technology mean you can tailor your branding to reach specific demographics. For instance, a custom building sign with your logo and a slogan that resonates with the local community can do wonders for gaining sales from customers in the immediate area.

Competitive Advantage — Investing in the right aspects of your business—at the right time—is always challenging. However, there’s never a bad time for you to increase your branding efforts. Doing so can result in a competitive advantage over your peers, as it’s increasingly common for business owners to neglect improving promotional material. 

Have you had enough of continuously entering “building signs near me” into Google? Get in touch with Marvel Custom Signs today to learn more about the top building sign marker in Denver. We’ve been operating our veteran-run signage solution space out of the Greater Denver Area for years, helping businesses of all sizes achieve their promotional needs. From helping you understand the cost of building signs to walking you through the creation process, Marvel Custom Signs has your back!


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