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We live in the electronic era. Social media, software-as-a-service, and e-commerce are taking over the marketplace rapidly. For Denver businesses with a brick-and-mortar presence, it only makes sense that the traditional forms of promotion are giving way to an electric option as well. That is why electronic signs have emerged as such a popular option for modern business owners.

What is an Electronic Sign?

An electronic sign refers to forms of promotional and informative signage that require electricity to provide impactful results. From a revamped version of the old-school neon sign to full LED display systems, Denver business owners have a plethora of options when it comes to physical marketing. In addition, electronic signs can also be installed on the interior or exterior of a commercial structure, providing optimal marketing material to both active and passive customers.


Types of Electronic Signs

Custom Electronic Signs can be designed, structured, and applied in a variety of different ways to meet the exact needs of business owners. From applications on the exterior of a business – or even roadside – to use inside a commercial structure, there are multiple types of electronic signs that operators and marketers can take advantage of. Here are some of the most popular types of electronic signs for businesses:

  • Portable Electronic Message Boards
  • Indoor Electronic Signs
  • Outdoor Electronic Signs
  • Programmable LED Display
  • Digital Displays
  • Digital Billboards

Because there are so many variations of electric signs, there is truly no limit to the number of ways they can be applied in a business setting. Denver business owners will be hard-pressed to find a more useful medium of promotion than electronic signage.

Uses of Electronic Signs

When it comes to how these different types of signs are applied, there are multiple different use cases that apply to your Denver-based operations. For instance, a programmable display can be installed on the interior of a business to highlight any special features, seasonal sales, and even interesting product information. Similarly, an outdoor electric sign like channel letters or retrofitted-neon can be used to cut through the noise of other businesses to display your brand and business in a highly visible manner.

Because many of these solutions can be developed on a computer, they allow you to quickly and easily switch up your marketing strategy. This keeps consumers interested and on their toes by consistently providing refreshing, novel perspectives on your business.

Denver's Trusted Electronic Sign Maker!

If you are looking to make the most out of this innovative sign genre, reach out to Marvel Custom Signs today. We’re a veteran-owned outfit operating out of Denver to provide unparalleled sign crafting and servicing. We know how important promotional material is to the success of businesses of all sizes and are dedicated to making the community thrive.


Tired of searching “electronic signs near me” in Google? Contact us today to get a free consultation or estimate, information on the cost of electric signs, and to learn more about how our professional service can turn your electronic sign goals into a reality!


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