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Engage Your Customers with Custom Interior Business Signs!

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When most people think of promotional signage, they think of big billboards, massive digital displays like the ones in Times Square, or the various types of signs used on the exterior facades of businesses. While these are certainly effective uses of high-quality, custom signage, many places in a building can use indoor signage to provide optimal results. In fact, for certain businesses or public institutions, lobby signs and other forms of indoor signage may actually be more important.

There are many reasons why it may be more beneficial to use signs in the interior of a structure. They can help liven up the space of your retail business, office space, or other business. They can also provide important information about limited-time promotional events and sales. But one of the most important benefits of applying indoor business signs is that they drive customer engagement.

How to Engage Customers Through the Use of Indoor Signage

While one of the primary functions of business signs is to grab potential customers’ attention and help bring them into your Denver store, it’s also imperative that you keep them engaged and informed once they are inside the building. There are several indoor business sign options to choose from, and each has its place depending on the context. But the three signs we are going to focus on today are key to keeping customers engaged in commercial settings.

Lobby Signs

Whether you run an office building, clinic, or other service-providing business, there’s often an entryway that leads to the reception and other central areas. Especially in larger buildings with multiple commercial tenants, having lobby signs is the perfect way to improve the experience of your customer or visitor. These signs help direct people towards your business, can provide an initial greeting, and even contain any important information that people need to know as they enter. Especially given the impact of COVID on business regulations, using lobby signs to inform customers and visitors is a great way to positively engage with your customers.

Wall Graphics

Brand differentiation is becoming increasingly important to engage with customers on a high level. It takes more than just a well-designed exterior sign to introduce people to your company ethos, and when you neglect to supplement those initial signs, it can reduce the salience of your brand. Custom wall graphics and murals allow you to create cost-effective tapestries that tell your company’s story to improve overall engagement.

ADA Signs

We live in the era of diversity, equity, and inclusivity. Customers rightly expect that they will be represented and accommodated by the businesses they choose to patronize. For those with hearing and visual impairments, the Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that there are accessible signs available within commercial and public buildings. ADA signs are not only a good way of engaging with customers of all abilities, but they also improve the safety of your space.


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