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Everything You Need to Know About Monument Signs!

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In this post, we will discuss the world of outdoor signs in-depth by delving into specific topics such as the types of monument signs, sign maintenance, and benefits.

Monument Sign Maintenance: How to Keep Your Monument Sign in Tip-Top Shape?

Most modern monument signs are made from weatherproof metals such as aluminum and require little, if any, maintenance. So unless your business' sign is constructed with different materials such as wood or plastic, you will probably only need to give it a light dusting once in a while.

Suppose you notice that your sign looks especially dirty. In that case, we recommend using a soft sponge and some warm water with a mild detergent soap (i.e., dishwashing soap) and gently scrub the marker and wipe dry immediately with a soft cloth.

Should your sign start to fade or rust because of harsh weather conditions like rain or snow, then all you must do is lightly sand the surface using fine-grit sandpaper (i.e., 180 to 220-grade) and apply a metal primer, followed by the appropriate topcoat of spray paint.

You can also choose to clean your sign using commercially available galvanized steel cleaners, polishing compounds, abrasive cleaning pads, or liquid metal cleaners.

Types of Monument Signs

Monument signs, otherwise known as freestanding signs, are considered a traditional style of signage. Modern monument signs hold their own weight and may be considered "self-supporting.” These types of outdoor signs are usually freestanding, but they can also be attached to buildings, walls, fences, etc.

Since these outdoor sign structures are freestanding, there are three options to install them:

  1.  The sign can be attached to a base and placed directly into the ground
  2.  It can be bolted down with concrete footings and cinder blocks
  3.  The sign may come with its own set of steel support posts that can be installed into the ground.

Some signs are installed with individual posts, others come in pairs but nonetheless, these outdoor sign structures are very popular for businesses that wish to have their name or logo visible from a distance.

Custom Monument Signs for Business

Benefits of Monument Signs

The good thing about having a monument sign is that it allows for a lot more space to create an impactful lettering design. Monument signs are also known for their dimensional appearance, durability, and weather ability – making them suitable for outdoor spaces.

Custom monument signs are known to have a longer lifespan compared with other types of signs. Since they are created using powder-coated aluminum, they are sturdy and weather resistant. They are also less prone to fading over time. Plus, the sign’s weight means that it is not easily blown away by the wind, nor can it be knocked down accidentally (which could pose safety risks).

These signs don't need much maintenance except regular cleaning once in a while due to environmental factors like pollutants, dust, and dirt from air or road traffic, bird droppings, etc.

The biggest benefit of having monument signage is its appearance – these signs really stand out no matter where you place them because of their dimensional form.

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