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Fleet Wrap Advertising Ideas: Why You Should Invest?

Home Fleet Wrap Advertising Ideas: Why You Should Invest?

Isn't it interesting that 47% of adults 22 to 45 don't watch any traditional TV at all? The challenge for entrepreneurs and marketers is adapting to new marketing strategies. As more people turn to the internet for news, newspaper circulation and revenue are down. However, savvy marketers know what to do. Fleet wraps can help reach those elusive customers.

On average, small businesses spend 1% of their revenue on advertising. That's a small but essential amount, and where you spend it matters.

How much do you spend on ads? How much of your budget do you put into channels that don't work? Maybe search or social ads aren't working for you. Or perhaps you're not getting any calls from local directory listings.

Fleet wrap advertising can be one of the most cost-effective choices for a business and essentially turn your vehicle fleet into a mobile advertising unit. It's a clever tactic that can get you tons of qualified leads from all over Denver.

Are you curious to know how vehicle wraps can boost your sales?

Here are 5 Reasons Why Fleet Graphic Advertising is Beneficial

1. Commercial Fleet Wraps are Cost-Efficient

Are you running ads often? The costs add up with TV, internet, radio, and publications.

Every time you run the ad, you need to pay. In order to continue to reach your audience, you've got to run your ad over and over.

You don't have to worry about accumulating costs with vehicle wraps. They're ready to go the minute they're wrapped, and they will last for a long time, which extends the value of your initial investment. Your ad won't cost extra every time someone sees it.

2. Fleet Wraps Increase Brand Awareness

You need an easily recognizable brand image no matter what kind of business you run. For example, if you're running a courier business and your fleet vehicles are plain white, but your competitors are branded with bright, vibrant logos, which one will the average person remember when they need your service?

The right vehicle wrap can make a huge difference to brand recognition - particularly if you have a business that keeps your vehicles on the road regularly. Invest in commercial fleet wraps. Don't let a competitor get ahead.

3. Repetitive, Targeted Marketing

What will your clients see if you invest in fleet graphics? Your ad, everywhere in Denver! Doing this doesn't just increase your company's marketing audience, but it also helps demonstrate that your company is dependable and available throughout the area. Customers will associate your brand with your product or services through greater exposure to your brand and recognizable familiarity with your company.

4. Fleet Wraps Provide a High Return On Investment

Commercial fleet wraps have a high return on investment because they cost so little and are so profitable. No expensive airtime or ad space is needed. Every time your employees get in the car, your company is being promoted. Unlike internet ads, marketing content, and other traditional media, car wrap advertising keeps giving long after the initial cost.

Unlike billboards, your ad doesn't make people look away from the road. You make your ad part of the community.

5. It's Easy to Change

The good thing about vehicle wraps is they're easy to change. Since their cost is low and ROI is high, you can easily change wraps and implement a new advertising campaign in no time. Rebranding? Easy! Are you getting ready for a big event or a new season? We've got you covered!

At Marvel Custom Signs, you can get a free consultation about all your fleet wrap needs. Contact us today and talk to one of the best vehicle graphic professionals in Denver.

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