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Fleet Wraps Deliver Terrific ROI for Your Business

Home Fleet Wraps Deliver Terrific ROI for Your Business

In today’s hypercompetitive environment, it is vital to get the biggest bang possible for every marketing dollar you spend. When it comes to fleet wraps, you are making an awesome investment that builds your brand every day and every mile.

Getting Your Message Out There Every Mile

Instead of spending money month after month on billboards and advertising that goes away as soon as it is distributed, take the long-term approach that fleet advertising provides. The team at Marvel Custom Signs will take the time to carefully evaluate your specific needs for commercial vehicle wraps.

We can show you how to best showcase your company logo, message, and vital information with sharp and eye-catching graphics. Then, we will place those images on durable, long-lasting vinyl that creates mobile billboards for your company. You can choose exactly the type of graphics you desire and apply them to vehicles the way you feel is most effective.

A Comprehensive and Effective Approach

Our approach to commercial fleet wraps allows you to customize your message and look for any type of vehicle, including:

  • Cars
  • Vans of all types
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Yachts and boats

Each of these vehicles and boats has a lot of “real estate” that you can use to put your company name and message in front of customers and prospects throughout the Denver market area.

The flexibility of custom-designed wraps allows you to tailor your personalized graphics and vinyl wraps to a variety of applications. Your options include:


This approach allows you to provide a full marketing message. With our expertise, you will learn how to best highlight the vital information that attracts the attention of passing vehicles. You will also learn how to provide the detailed message you want to convey. This amplifies the effectiveness when your vehicle is stopped at a light, sitting on the job, or moving with the traffic. Such visibility and repetition are essential to effective branding. The full wrap gets that message out to a broad base of potential customers who may never see your business sign.


You can achieve maximum cost-benefit with this approach to using vehicle wraps. You can work with our experienced team to choose the perfect graphics and placement of the wrap for each type of vehicle in your fleet. This is also a great way to allow affordable seasonal and promotional wraps to achieve even more effective branding and presence.


You can still achieve a big impact with a small investment by opting for well-designed and placed vehicle decals. These are smaller versions of your branded wraps and allow high visibility for your vital marketing information.

Take advantage of working with Marvel Custom Signs, the leading Denver market firm specializing in the signage of all kinds. We can help you maximize your marketing spend by customizing the fleet graphics you choose. We will even show you how to develop a master plan that uses the right mix of vinyl wraps for your different vehicles, trucks, and vans.

Just one click puts you on the way to being the recognized brand in your Denver market niche. Call today!

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