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Advances in material sciences are revolutionizing the field of promotional signage as we know it. From the incorporation of building materials in monument signs to the sleek, futuristic look of acrylic office signs, there doesn’t seem to be any end to the innovations that occur within this marketing subsection. And that’s a great thing for both sign creators and users. Markets can rapidly become stale when businesses stop trying to actively promote their brand. This leads to worse outcomes from both individual and industry levels.

Thankfully, there are constantly new styles of signs emerging that help us to inject more life and excitement into the Denver marketplace. One of the most promising new formats is known as high-density urethane, also known as HDU.


What is an HDU Sign?

HDU is a synthetic material similar to foam, but is much thicker and even more durable. This high-density material allows the product to be manufactured in a specific way that gives it the appearance of more common building materials like wood. But instead of being pricy, heavy, and difficult to maintain, like hardwood, Commercial HDU signs provide a superior option to traditional wood-carved signage styles.

Thanks to the enhanced properties of the synthetic urea substrate, you can give your business that rustic, classic look without all the hassle of expensive, labor-intensive wood products.

Types of HDU Signs

When consulting with your Denver sign experts, they will inform you that there are numerous different styles of HDU signs that can be applied in multiple areas within and around your business.

  • Indoor HDU Signs
  • Outdoor HDU Signs
  • Personalized HDU Signs
  • Office HDU Signs
  • Business HDU Signs
  • Custom HDU signs
  • HDU Sign Letters

As is the case with many of today’s synthetic materials, HDU is a truly versatile product that can be used virtually everywhere across your business—from the interior to the exterior and everywhere in between. Whatever your promotional needs in Denver, custom HDU signage has you covered.

Uses of HDU Signs

When looking up “HDU signs near me,” you will probably notice that most of the images of these signs place them in exterior areas. Because they offer such a good replacement to wood, HDU signs are often used in post and panel signs, exterior monument signs, or on the facade of a business. Moving to the inside of your commercial space, HDU can be applied for individual office signs or help visitors identify specific sections of your store. HDU can even be used for the individual letters of other types of interior signage. With this level of applicability, it is no surprise that HDU signs are becoming one of the most popular new promotional methods for Denver business owners.

Best HDU Signs Maker in Denver, CO

When it comes to finding a custom HDU sign manufacturing company in Denver, look no further than Marvel Custom Signs. Our experienced technicians have been working with all sorts of promotional signage materials for years and are more than capable of providing the perfect product to meet your needs. If you want to learn more about the cost of HDU signs, how to maintain them, or want to get a quote, reach out to Marvel Custom Signs today!


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