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How to Install Window Graphics: Top-3 Make-or-Break Factors

Home How to Install Window Graphics: Top-3 Make-or-Break Factors

Today’s post discusses three of the most critical factors you’ll need to consider for a successful window graphic installation, courtesy of our expert installers in Littleton, Colorado.

How Clean Is The Installation Surface?

Unclean windows reject window graphics adhesive, and dirty spots show through clear graphics, ruining your custom design.

For best results with your window graphics, make sure to give your windows a thorough cleaning before the installation.

The first concern when it comes to clean windows is grime. Glass surfaces generate small amounts of static electricity, which tends to attract surface grime such as hair, paper particles, dust, and dirt. If not properly cleaned away, this grime can ruin the application and final look of your custom window graphic.

Make sure you use an appropriate grime-fighter. That means finding a cleaner that is strong enough to cut through gunk but won’t leave any chemical residue. This residue stops the adhesive from making the strong molecular bonds it needs to hold your graphic in place. Avoid ammonia-based products like Windex--they’ll make your windows sparkle, but nothing will stick to them!

Natural oils are another common culprit for imperfect window graphic installations. Windows marked by fingerprints, sweat, and trace amounts of human oils reject window graphic adhesives.

Use ordinary clean water or Isopropyl alcohol cleaning solutions to create smooth, grime-free surfaces without leaving problematic residues.

Is The Window Environment Suitable?

Window surface temperatures and moisture/humidity levels significantly affect window graphic installations and long term performance.

When choosing a time and place to install your window graphics, remember: warm glass is better than cold. However, hot weather installation can create some problems, as the adhesive may have too much initial tack, making reworking tricky. In most cases, morning or late evening installations are recommended for clients in Littleton, Colorado, or the surrounding areas. If you’re somewhere warmer or colder, recommended times change-- avoid excessive heat or cold.

Also, think about how the environment will affect long-term performance. Unless you chose a weather-resistant window graphic, excessive rain or sunlight could cause your graphic to fade over time.

Consider The Complete Sign System

It goes without saying that your window graphic design must fit in with the rest of your sign system. That means matching brand colors at the very least. But this is more about window graphic placement than graphic design.

Many business owners fail to appreciate how windows make or break the appeal of their storefront. Some businesses work best with wide-open frontage for passersby to peer through, so they can see fresh products or displays that pull them into the store. Other companies want to give their clients privacy, so opaque graphics make more sense.

Consider your business type and sign system to make sure you’re not covering up some of your most valuable advertising assets!

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