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Indoor Sign Removal Tips: How to Safely ‘Uninstall’ Wall Decals

Home Indoor Sign Removal Tips: How to Safely ‘Uninstall’ Wall Decals

Wall decals, sometimes known as wall sticks, wall tattoos, or wall vinyl, are vinyl stickers that are affixed to walls and other smooth surfaces for decoration, wayfinding, branding, and informational purposes.

Flexible, affordable, and customizable, wall decals make a fantastic addition to your existing indoor sign system, and they’re also great for non-commercial use.

But if you’re going to buy and install a wall decal, you’d better know how to remove it! Improper removal is a nightmare that can leave you with unsightly residue, grimy windows, and even damaged walls.

Don’t worry: it’s easy, and Marvel Custom Signs is here to help. Today’s post shares some important wall decal removal tips and considerations to help you get the most out of your indoor signs.

Indoor Sign Removal: 3 Critical Wall Decal Considerations

Before you start our 4-step removal process, consider the following:

1. There are several different kinds of wall decals available, and the type you’re working with will ultimately dictate how you should approach the removal process. For instance, vinyl lettering typically uses a low adhesive compared to other decals, which makes it easy to remove off almost any substrate. This makes them a great option when dealing with wallpaper or painted surfaces. If you have any doubt about the wall decal type, you’re working with, call our Littleton indoor sign specialists at 720-738-1686.

2. You’ll also want to consider the surface you’re working with. Decals are easiest to remove from windows and other surfaces that are hard, smooth, and completely non-porous, like metal and plastic. And the opposite is also true: decals are tougher to remove from rough, soft, and porous substrate. If your decal is installed on the latter, you may want to call for help.

3. The third and final consideration is time. How long has that decal been stuck there? As a general rule, the longer your indoor sign has been installed, the harder it will be to remove. This is true of almost any sign type, but especially so when dealing with decals, as the adhesive can cure and harden, making a firm bond between sign and substrate that’s tough to break. Conversely, decals that have been recently applied are usually quite easy to peel away. Don’t stress: if your wall decal has been installed for who-knows-how-long, we can help!

4-step Wall Decal Removal Process

Except for permanent wall decals, this “uninstallation” process will work for just about any wall decal:

  • Try peeling the decal. Before you take more drastic measures, try peeling away the decal with your fingers or the edge of a plastic credit card. Wedge the edge of the card between the decal and wall surface, then slide it between the two with slight, consistent pressure.Whatever you do, avoid using a razor or sharp edge. This can damage the substrate.
  • Apply heat. If the decal is tearing in your fingers or won’t budge, try applying gentle heat using a blow dryer. As the adhesive warms up, it loosens. Hot water can also work, so long as that doesn’t damage the substrate.Do not use a heat gun or other high-heat methods, as you could damage the underlying surface or even melt the decal into the wall!
  • Clear away the residue. Wall decals often leave a small amount of adhesive residue behind. Most are easily wiped away using a damp, soapy cloth. Some may require a removing agent. If soapy water doesn't do, give our team a call for some recommendations.
  • Wash the surface. The final step is to clean the surface using a damp cloth.

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Marvel Custom Signs offers a complete selection of wall decal options, ranging from simple vinyl lettering to more complex wall murals and wraps. Whatever size, color, shape, or design you need, our team of indoor sign design experts will bring your vision to life. And if you need further help, we installation, we’ll take care of it!

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