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High-density cities like Denver necessitate that business owners use the most effective means of promotion available to them. The high number of local competitors means the top marketing tools are required if you are going to cut through the noise of your competition. At Marvel Custom Signs, we have extensive experience in providing our clients with signage that perfectly encapsulates the core branding and deliverables of Denver businesses. In many cases, customers like yourself are in the market for an electric sign that still allows for customizable graphic design. Custom lightbox signs, in these cases, are the perfect solution.

What is a Light Box Sign?

Essentially, a lightbox sign (also known as a cabinet or box sign) is a style of promotional signage that incorporates a professionally designed graphic and a backlight system. The graphic is generally made out of acrylic, plastic, or other synthetic material, which is then encased in a metal or aluminum box. LED lights are installed behind the graphic so that the image is highly visible, looks professional, and is ready to drive customers into Denver-based businesses.


Types of Light Box Signs

There are several different styles of lightbox signs for use in commercial settings. They can vary in shape, size, and appearance, but all incorporate the core features of backlighting and custom graphics. Some popular styles of lightbox signage include:

Depending on the specific needs and uses of your signs, there are a variety of ways you can apply a box sign to promote your Denver business. As long as your structure is hooked up to the electrical grid, you can leverage this utility for more effective marketing — it’s as simple as flipping a switch!

Uses of Light Box Signs

In most cases, LED lightbox signs are used on the exterior facade of businesses to cut through the noise of busy commercial areas. Day and night, these signs provide high visibility and incorporate various materials and designs to tie your business structure in with the rest of your marketing strategy.

Custom Lightboxes in Denver

As a business owner in the Greater Denver Area, you are well aware of how competitive this market is. To put yourself in pole position, it’s going to take effective and efficient marketing solutions that are delivered by an expert team. At Marvel Custom Signs, we offer just that level of service.

Our seasoned sign specialists are well-versed in the creation of lightbox signs and other promotional materials that fit seamlessly with the structural aesthetic and branding of businesses. So, if you’ve had enough of searching “lightbox signs near me”, reach out to Marvel Custom Signs today. We’ll provide you with a free consultation or estimate, information on the cost of lightbox signs, and will get you started on your journey towards a more effective marketing strategy!


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