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Make Sure Your Restaurant Digital Signage 'Pays for Itself'

Home Make Sure Your Restaurant Digital Signage 'Pays for Itself'

Today’s post runs down some intriguing statistics about the real-money sales and marketing value of restaurant digital signage.

Science Says Restaurant Digital Signage “Pays For Itself.”

For over a decade, restaurateurs have known that digital restaurant signage is an investment, not an expense. Here are a couple of ways it can pay for itself over time:

  • Efficient delivery of marketing messages. Even with the best marketing copy is ever written and the most stunning images or videos money can buy, your ads will fall flat without the right platform. If nobody sees your message, or they see it somewhere where they can’t act on it, you can kiss your ROI goodbye!Restaurant digital signage makes sure every penny of your marketing budgeting goes to good use by putting your marketing messages prominent in actionable environments. Whether your customers already inside your doors or just passing by, digital restaurant signage is much more noticeable than traditional printed signage. In the Digital Age, screens are inherently attention-grabbing, which makes them the perfect vehicles for special promotions, deals, or new menu items.According to a 2010 study by Arbitron, digital signs reach an astounding number of Americans: 70 percent have seen a digital video display in the past month, versus 43 percent on the Internet or 41 percent on Facebook. Can you think of any other advertising medium that outperforms social media in terms of getting your message noticed? Neither can we!

    Building off these findings, a Swedish study from 2012 found that drivers spend much longer looking at restaurant digital signage they pass than traditional billboards. It’s not that surprising—bright, colorful, animated displays are pretty much always going to outperform static ones—but still beautiful to see science backing the real-money value of restaurant digital signage!

  • Restaurant digital signage drives impulse buys. It goes without saying that the food and hospitality industry respects the power of the mighty impulse buy. Restaurants spend millions annually to cultivate cravings via commercials and advertisements in many different mediums.If you’re looking to up the impulse buy rates at your restaurant, digital signage is the way to go. According to Arbitron's research, 19% of consumers claim to have made unplanned, impulse purchases of products after seeing them advertised digitally.

Free Restaurant Digital Signage Quotes In Littleton, Colorado

If you’re reading this, it means you’re thinking seriously about digital restaurant signage. Maybe you’ve already considered some of the money-making benefits we covered and you’re ready to invest in signage that can “pay for itself.”

But not all restaurant digital signage is created equal. Some pay for themselves in short order; others take years to generate a meaningful return on your investment. One look at our catalog is all it takes to see the difference.

Since you’ve already come this far, why not cap your internet research off with a free restaurant digital signage quote and consultation? There is no charge or commitment—come take a look at our extensive catalog, get a feel for what’s possible with custom sign design, and find answers to all your burning questions!

Start your free restaurant digital signage consultation now by calling 720-738-1686 or using the Marvel Custom Signs’ Request a Consultation page.

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