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New Study Highlights Business Value of Outdoor Signs

Home New Study Highlights Business Value of Outdoor Signs

Experts always say that marketing is the key to monetization and for a good reason. You might have the best product or service in the world, but nobody’s going to buy something they haven’t heard of!

If you want to increase your marketing reach and build better brand awareness in Littleton, Colorado, outdoor signs are the obvious answer.

Today’s post reviews some research by the US Chamber of Commerce that highlights the brand-building value of Marvel Custom Signs’ outdoor sign solutions. Read on to learn all the details and find out how to book a free consultation.

Outdoor Signs Are The #1 Way To Build Local Brand Awareness In Littleton

The business value of outdoor signs truly shines when compared to other advertising alternatives. Take the newspaper, for instance.

To run an ad in the Littleton Independent, which is one of the largest weekly newspapers in the Denver area, it costs about $18 for a column inch of black and white advertising space. Think classifieds; no picture, no color, and a tiny message, no more than a handful of words.

As you can imagine, it’s tough to express your brand identity with these limitations. Unless you’re willing to shell out thousands of dollars for more prominent full-color ads, it’s a very limited medium. In contrast, Marvel Custom Signs can be customized however you like: any color, shape, image, or design. And with so many affordable options available, like yard signs and flag signs, you can do it for less than you’d pay to run your colorless classified ad for a single month. You can browse our complete catalog of 100% customizable outdoor sign types on our Outdoor Signs page.

What’s more, fewer people are looking at the papers for their business information in 2019 than ever before. In one study commissioned by the US Chamber of Commerce, 2475 shoppers were asked how they learn about new local businesses. A whopping 50% of respondents indicated that they relied on-premise outdoor signs. By comparison, only 9% of respondents discovered businesses through newspaper advertisements and only 1% through television and radio ads.

To put the US Chamber of Commerce findings in perspective, let’s turn back to our newspaper ad. The Littleton Independent has a readership of about 6000 people. If we use the study’s 9% newspaper new business discovery rate, that means your boring $18 ad would generate about 540 impressions.

Now think about how many more people pass by your business on a given day in full view of your outdoor sign display. It’s no contest! Without a doubt, outdoor signs get more attention. And not only do you get more eyes on your message, but it’s displayed prominently on your building, rather than being buried in a column of near-identical classified ads.

Clearly, then, investing in quality outdoor signage is one of the best ways to inform Littleton, Colorado residents about your new business opening, sale, or event. You generate more impressions and get to express your authentic brand message in full color and precision detail.

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