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Outdoor Commercial Sign Primer: Selection, Design and Installation Tips for Littleton, CO Businesses

Home Outdoor Commercial Sign Primer: Selection, Design and Installation Tips for Littleton, CO Businesses

Today’s post runs down a few simple outdoor commercial sign tips to help business owners get perfect results with their first custom order.

Choosing The Right Outdoor Commercial Sign

When faced with the sheer number of outdoor commercial sign options available to you, making the right choice can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

We offer a massive selection of outdoor commercial sign types, including:

Don’t worry: choosing the right outdoor commercial sign is as simple as figuring out your wants, needs, and budget. Once you’ve got all that in mind, turn it over to our outdoor commercial sign experts. We’ll guide you through our comprehensive selection and create a shortlist of sign styles that will work for you.

Are you looking for something fast and inexpensive to announce your pop-up store or limited-time menu? Consider an A-frame, lawn sign, banner, or vinyl graphic.

Are you trying to win more foot traffic for your business after dark? Check out our high-quality illuminated signs and back-lit solutions.

Want a landmark for wayfinding that also ups your brand value and generates thousands of roadside impressions every day? Monument signs or large channel letters might be right for you.

With our team at your side, you really can’t go wrong. Everything is 100% customizable, so you’re only limited by your imagination, and we’re fully versed in Littleton, Colorado sign law, so you can let go of any liability concerns you may be carrying with you!

Follow Best Practices For Outdoor Commercial Sign Design

There are lots to consider with your outdoor commercial sign design, and everyone’s tastes and goals are different. Nevertheless, some best practices can improve almost any sign design. Keep these tips in the back of your mind as you brainstorm and begin your design:

  • Play off your environment. You want your sign to stand out, but not like a sore thumb! Think about how to complement your surroundings (building colors, neighboring signs, trees, etc.) with your sign design. This could affect your color choice, sizing, or sign style.
  • Consider contrast. Aim for major contrast between your font/logo and background in order to maximize your visibility at all times.
  • Keep it simple! Outdoor commercial signs are meant to intrigue people, identify your brand location, and get people in the doors. They’re not meant to tell people everything there is to know about your business. While it may be tempting to load up on graphics and detailed text (especially when you’re working with a team of pros like ours!), show some restraint. Shorter messages are generally more impactful, and they get read more often than dense blocks of ad copy. Likewise, limiting yourself to a single graphic makes a much more significant impact than a splashboard of images.
  • Incorporate branding as much as possible. Be sure to use branded graphics, colors, and logos whenever you can. But don’t forget to keep it simple and avoid overcrowding!

Keep Compliant With Littleton Sign Laws From The Start

In Littleton, Colorado, and the surrounding areas, all signs are subject to planning commission approval for size, color, and material, except for some temporary and interior signage.

Staying compliant with your design from day-one ensures that the project suffers no delays, and prevents you from having to pay for another sign to replace your “illegal” one.

Don’t worry: no Littleton sign law degree required. Just trust our team--we’ve helped plenty of Littleton business owners obtain necessary permits, and design/install fully compliant signage for years, and we can help you too.

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