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Outdoor Signage Ideas: Get Your Business Noticed!

Home Outdoor Signage Ideas: Get Your Business Noticed!

It can be difficult to cut through the noise of competition in today’s crowded marketplace to get your business noticed by the right customers. Regardless of the industry, multiple competitors are vying for the same sets of eyeballs that you are, and they often deploy similar marketing strategies. This creates a problem for small business owners who rely on a consistent stream of clientele to keep their operations in action.

While digital marketing and e-commerce can help to some degree, there’s still nothing quite like an expertly branded brick-and-mortar location to get people excited about a business. The exterior of the commercial space is like a canvas that operators use to tell their brand story to everyone around them. Using professionally designed outdoor signs is the perfect way for business owners to get noticed!

Using Quality Outdoor Signs to Get Your Business Noticed in the Denver Area

Think about this: While all of the competitors in your area are relying on their existing, outdated signage to get noticed by customers, you can be working with an exterior sign company to design, manufacture, and install the perfect piece of promotional material. Improvements in sign printing and development technology mean that incredibly precise, vivid designs can be incorporated onto the facade of buildings to attract attention and interest.

Custom Outdoor Signs to Attract Attention

Outdoor signage incorporates multiple different features to ensure that they get your business noticed. From 3D structures that stick out prominently from walls to electric backlighting that makes your logo pop in any weather or time of day, there’s lots of versatility when it comes to selecting your exterior sign solution. Here are some of the best custom options that an exterior sign company can offer your business to improve brand recognition and drive customer traffic:


Unfortunately, the sheer volume of options can get overwhelming for business owners. There may be multiple styles that work well with your brand and building, but you also need to know information about the cost, longevity, and maintenance schedule of your specific selection. That’s why partnering with a professional exterior sign company is so important!

Choosing Your Denver Area Outdoor Sign Company

At Marvel Custom Signs, we’re proud to say that we’ve been helping Colorado business owners stay competitive for years, thanks to our wealth of signage options. We’re very comfortable with exterior signage, and we’ve got plenty of examples in our gallery if you’re concerned about quality. We’ll give you a free estimate or consultation, so you don’t need to worry about making any financial commitments until you're absolutely sure that you want to proceed!


As a veteran-run business, we know what it takes to execute at a high level. If you’re interested in taking your company branding and promotion efforts to the next stage, reach out to us today.

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