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What is a Post and Panel Sign?

A Post and Panel Sign serves many purposes and is a cost-effective and versatile sign solution that can be placed just about anywhere. They are usually made of wood or aluminum between two posts and can be single or dual-sided; the size and height of panel walls can be customized according to your liking, and you can make them as large or tall as you want. Post and panel signs are among the most popular signs used by businesses. They are often located in front of businesses or shopping malls and, with illumination, can be seen at any time of day, and the cost of post and panel signs is usually an affordable option for businesses in Denver.


Are There Different Types of Post and Panel Signs?

The general post and panel themes are subject to several variations. There are, for instance, panels that can be easily removed and replaced with others. In an office complex where tenants are continuously moving in and out, this is the ideal solution for commercial post and panel signs. Single or double-sided posts and panels are available.

A few types of signs that our post and panel sign manufacturing company in Denver can provide can include:

  • Aluminum post-and-panel signs: Custom metal signs are popular due to their contemporary design and all-weather durability as outdoor signs, and they can be painted, given a metallic finish, or adhered to a backing made from laminated vinyl. It is sometimes referred to as extruded-aluminum post-and-panel signs (i.e., stretched or flattened aluminum). Alternatively, these posts and panels are referred to as Alumalite TM signs (i.e., an aluminum composite panel or ACP with a polypropylene core).
  • Foam-core post-and-panel signs: These custom panel signs can have a carved wood appearance, painted, or can be surfaced with stucco. Foam posts and panels are commonly used as monument signs due to their lightweight, economical price, and extraordinary durability.
  • MDO post-and-panel signs: A popular signage material with a laminated wood core and vinyl surface, MDO or medium density overlay feature a smooth white finish that can be readily painted. MDO's post-and-panel signs are relatively inexpensive and easy to customize, a tremendous temporary signage solution for construction sites.
  • Multipurpose post-and-panel signs: Modern post-and-panel structures don't always consist of one material but are typically constructed of several. Lightboxes and LED displays can be incorporated into aluminum post-and-panel signs. Displayed in front of a shopping center, the LED (light-emitting diode) panel lets users promote various stores or display scrolling messages to passing motorists.

What Are the Different Uses for Post and Panel Signs in Denver?

In addition to being used for permanent identification purposes such as parking lots, emergency wards, and loading docks, post and panel signs are also designed with the option of replacing the panels so that they can be used for changing messages as needed.

If you are wondering where you can get the best post and panel signs near me, then please reach out to Marvel Custom Signs for a free consultation in Denver. Before you place your order, please make sure that you schedule a call with our professionals so that they can guide you better on the prices, timelines, and delivery of your custom post and panel signs.



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