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Things to Know Before You Buy an Outdoor LED Sign

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For organizations looking to provide relevant, easily updated information, alerts, and marketing, outdoor LED signs are just about indispensable.

However, before buying an LED sign for your business, make sure you know what you're doing. You'll get a better experience, a longer lifespan, and a lower cost if you plan right.

You should consider these seven things before buying digital signage:

1. Durability in Harsh Environments

The location of your outdoor sign will determine whether it can withstand high or low temperatures, rain, snow, wind, dust, or humidity. LEDs need an enclosure and a good screen if they're going to work continuously and last.

First, you need to think about removing heat from the custom LED signs and driving electronics. If you talk to any vendors, find out how they keep LED temperatures within a narrow range under the conditions you expect. It would be best if you had an enclosure that's resistant to sunlight, water, dust, humidity, etc. - whatever your location's concerns may be.

2. Quality of Your Visuals

Advertisement on the streets draws attention and tells people about your business. How vivid an image is has a lot to do with how a message is received. Make sure your outdoor LED sign displays colors accurately, and it should be bright and vibrant. Ensure the LED supplier's spec sheet shows true-to-life colors, so you don't get negative attention from washed-out skin tones.

3. Maintenance, Repair, and Service

Ensure your outdoor sign always looks great and lasts longer with routine maintenance and servicing. For consistent image quality, determine how often calibration is necessary - and how easy it is to complete.

Also, ask how it will be serviced and find out the best way to support maintenance workers with easy access to avoid downtime.

4. Digital LED  Signs: What is the Standard Warranty?

LED signs are usually covered for five years, but some manufacturers offer extended warranties. Remember the manufacturer's location - U.S.-made digital signs are much easier to service. Are parts and tech support available in the United States? How about support? If your LED Sign comes with a warranty, be sure to ask these questions.

5. Safety

A display's brightness might be a safety issue for state and local governments. It may be challenging to drive at night if a sign is too bright. Custom LED signs can be configured to automatically dim their brightness based on the surrounding light, e.g., minimizing their brightness at night.

6. Warranties

It's tempting to choose the cheapest LED sign, but you get what you pay for. The LEDs used by low-cost suppliers are low-quality.  You might not be able to trust their design team to make sure your signage is safe and long-lasting. To cut costs, they might under-specify the screen's performance.

7. Find the Right Integrator

The company that installs the LED screen may not be your LED supplier. A project manager, architect, or consultant often supervises or performs the installation. Do they have experience with LED suppliers?

Alternatively, you might consider hiring an installer who can manage the whole job. Do they have any recommendations?

Before asking yourself where can I find the best-LED signs near me, you need to know that we have a wide range and types of LED signs that you can opt for. Contact us for a free consultation on LED signs in Denver.

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