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Top-5 FAQ About Using Lighted Letter Signs in Colorado

Home Top-5 FAQ About Using Lighted Letter Signs in Colorado

Today’s post answers the 5 most common questions that our Littleton, CO sign specialists get about lighted letter sign design, pricing, and installation.

Do I Need A Permit To Install A Lighted Letter Sign In Colorado?

In short, yes.

In Littleton, Colorado, and the surrounding areas, all illuminated signs are subject to planning commission approval for size, color, and material.

The government of Colorado’s “Sign Code” document defines an illuminated sign as “any sign which an artificial source of light is used to make the message readable.” Obviously, then, all illuminated signage laws apply to lighted letter signs.

Make sure you know which laws apply before you commit to your lighted letter sign design, or you might face fines and have to cover the costs of a replacement.

For instance, according to section 6-2-7-7 (A), each business location is allowed a maximum of 30 square feet for all signs combined. Thus, if you’re planning to install a sizeable lighted letter sign, you may need to remove some of your existing signage to meet the city’s requirements. For interior lit signs which emit light through the background of the sign, the entire illumination area of the sign is counted towards the surface area. However, for lighted letter signs, which only emit light through the sign copy itself, only the area of the sign itself is counted.

Sign laws also define acceptable installation heights, colors, designs, and more.

But don’t worry: you don’t need to be a certified zoning expert to ensure your lighted letter sign design stays compliant with Littleton sign laws. You just need to choose the right sign company to work with.

Marvel Custom Signs will help you acquire all the necessary permits and keep your sign design 100% in line with Littleton's sign laws. Our team has helped businesses get permits and stay compliant with sign code in Conifer, Indian Hills, Ken Caryl, Highlands Ranch, Englewood, Morrison, Lakewood, Evergreen, Columbine, and all the surrounding areas. And we can help you too!

How Often Must My Lighted Letter Sign Permit Be Renewed?

Generally speaking, illuminated sign permits must be renewed annually.

Can I Customize My Lighted Letter Signs?

Absolutely! Marvel Custom Signs offers a wide range of lighted letter sign styles to choose from, and every design is 100%. Whether you’re looking to create stunning graphics from scratch or recreate proven brand materials, we can handle it!

How Do I Install My Lighted Letter Sign?

Every lighted letter sign type is different.

But we can help. Marvel Custom Signs offer complete installation service and support for all custom lighted letter signs that we carry. Whether you need help with the hands-on install or decoding sign laws that apply to your installation, our team would be glad to assist you!

What Do Lighted Letter Signs Cost?

This question has no single answer since lighted letters signs come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.

But why settle for a stock answer when we offer free quotes?

Call 720-738-1686 or fill out our easy contact form to book a free consultation with one of our Littleton lighted letter sign experts. We’ll guide you through all the available options and get you a same-day quote for your dream lighted letter sign.

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