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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Office Lobby Needs Signage!

Home Top 5 Reasons Why Your Office Lobby Needs Signage!

Any office needs to have a lobby or reception area to welcome clients and visitors. What are the other ways you could use it - one that could positively impact your marketing strategy? In this blog, we'll discuss the top 5 reasons lobby signs are significant for your business.

Signs in the lobby or reception are integral to a company's brand and central to the reception area. The first impression a business makes sets the tone for customers, visitors, and employees. A sign done right can make a huge difference in a brand's story and make a company look professional, competent, and creative.

For instance, your office will look more like a card shop than a doctor's office if you use a whimsical font, like papyrus. It's all about branding, and being consistent is even more critical. And your lobby signs are an integral part of ensuring that the branding flow is constant.

1. Lobby Signs Provide Unique Branding

If your reception wall signage includes your logo and brand colors, it's sure to make a powerful statement about your company. So your brand becomes more visible, and your company becomes a long-term competitor in the market, making your customers choose you over the competition the next time they need your product.

In addition to increasing visibility, lobby signs also attract customers. A potential customer is more likely to purchase from you if he sees your brand name and logo more than once.

2. It Puts You on the Map

Interior signage, including reception wall logos, backlit lobby signs, as well as colorful acrylic signs, can help your business establish authority in your field.

If your office looks bland, you might make your customers think you're just like any other business. However, by investing in your office interior and lobby signage, you'll show your customers you care about your company and that you're well-established and authoritative.

By doing this, you'll show your new clients that you're an expert they can rely on and that you can help them for as long as they need it.

3. Creative Space

Custom lobby signs have endless design options because they're made to order. Did you know that you now have an array of types of lobby signs that you can use to display, such as:

  • Backlit Lobby Signs: Suppose you're an edgy bar or a cafe; this is perfect for your lobbies - colorful possibilities.
  • Metal Lobby Signs: This type of signage is usually used for corporate offices, limiting color.
  • Acrylic Lobby Signs: With the customization level available for this type of signage, there are endless creative possibilities.

Custom lobby signs are an excellent opportunity to showcase your creativity to clients. Also, you can use signage to tell your brand story. Let's say, for example, you could make it rustic or cozy, colorful and friendly, or poised and modern. Your office reception signage can say whatever you'd like about your brand. Have a look at the ones we offer here.

4. Lobby Signs Make Impactful First Impressions

Whenever someone walks into your office or store, the first thing they notice is the feel of the lobby. Your company's reputation is at stake if your reception desk's wall looks bland and empty. Signs on reception walls subconsciously draw attention to your company. People aren't sure what to expect when they walk into a business.

The correct signage creates a powerful first impression and shows your customers that you care about what you stand for. We understand that finding an affordable lobby sign professional in Denver isn’t an easy feat, which is why we offer our customers free consultations.

5. Information Display

Your lobby sign and wall logo can be a great way to keep customers informed about what's happening in your business. It can be information on how to get around or business processes that make the customer experience better.

At Marvel Custom Signs, you can get a free consultation about all your signage needs. Contact us today and talk to one of the best lobby sign professionals in Denver.




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