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What are Trade Show Displays?

Trade Show DisplaysA trade show display is essentially a booth that you set up to help promote your Denver business. It's an opportunity for your company to present the best version of itself in a very public setting. Depending on the type of products or services that you sell, a show may be a good way to attract new customers or simply get your current customers excited about your brand.

Companies that sell a product or service will typically have a booth that lets potential customers know about their brand and what they do. The design of the booth can vary, depending on the company's industry and budget, but there are some basic components to every show stand. It should include a backdrop, hanging signage if possible, and a table with literature and a place for people to leave contact information.

In one survey conducted by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), 88% of respondents said that they exhibited at trade shows to raise brand awareness.

If your goal is getting noticed on the exhibition floor, your trade show display needs to stand out. That means creating a complete signage system that tells your story, catches the eye, and makes the most of your booth space.

Why Trade Show Displays are Important for Denver Businesses?

Displays are one way to make your company stand out. Everyone is talking about how important it is to your business to make an impression at trade shows, but there are several different ways to make your displays stand out. The key is to use simple graphics that are both eye-catching and easy to read. Individuals who attend the trade show must be able to easily navigate around your booth. These tips can help you make sure that your displays provide an excellent first impression.

If you’re located in Denver, Colorado or attending one of our local trade shows, Marvel Custom Signs can help you create a stunning trade show display that’s unmatched and on-budget! 

Uses of Trade Show Displays in Denver

The main uses of trade show displays are to allow the company to introduce the brand to people who have never heard of it, catch their attention with eye-catching signage and products, and receive interest in future purchases. The trade show booth design should be attractive without being too distracting so that customers can focus on learning about what you do.

Types of Trade Show Displays

Trade show supplies are the items that will be used to construct these displays. The most common include:

  • Backdrops and Table Covers can be constructed out of PVC, fabric, or aluminum and should convey the brand through color schemes and logos. They can be one solid color or designed with graphical elements.
  • Literature Racks - This is where people put their brochures, pamphlets, and folders. They can be attached to the backdrop or freestanding.
  • Light Stands - These hold up trade show signs or banners with lights (if it's nighttime), but they also need to support the weight of these items adequately.
  • Columns - If using a fabric display, attach poles on either corner of the backdrop. This will give the display a sense of height and is ideal when people are walking around it.
  • Wheels - If there's no doorway to roll it in, consider buying wheels for use on a carpeted floor. These can be used to store the booth using less space, but also make it easier to transport through the event center.

How to Choose the Right Trade Show Booth Design?

Choose from a wide selection of standard templates and proven displays or customize your design to create something 100% unique. You are in control, and we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking to modify existing brand materials or create something from scratch, our graphic design team will bring your vision to life.

Design your own trade show display package, or purchase individual signage to fit seamlessly into your existing system. Whatever you need, we can deliver!

Denver’s Most Trusted Trade Show Display Company

Are you looking to have your signs ready for the coming trade show exhibits? Learn more about Marvel Custom Signs in Denver and the cost of trade show displays here.

Call 720-738-1686 or complete our simple contact form to find out how we can take your trade show displays to another level.


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