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What is a Sign Permit? Why Do You Need it?

Home What is a Sign Permit? Why Do You Need it?

A sign permit, or sign permit application, is a legal document required for putting up a sign in a public place in the United States. Along with meeting the legal requirements of the local jurisdiction, the sign needs to be safe and durable and not violate any building codes or fire codes. Sign permits vary by region and will usually describe the materials and methods used in the sign and the location where it is allowed to be placed. A sign permit is especially important when modifying or changing an existing sign, but it is also required for full-sized custom-made signs that are not pre-existing.

Why Do I Need a Sign Permit?

You will need a sign permit if you are planning to put up some kind of signage in public spaces. A common example would be putting up shop/store signs on buildings or sidewalks; another would be hanging banners or flags on poles.

What's the Purpose of the Sign Permit?

The main reason for this requirement is safety and liability purposes - after all, anything posted in public areas should comply with building codes (ensuring they're fireproof, weatherproof, etc.) and other legalities involved in lawmaking. With a sign permit, the agency or organization that issues it can ensure that your business signs follow all these requirements.

Where Do I Get a Denver Sign Permit?

There are two ways to approach this: if you're doing something small and simple, such as putting up a full-sized banner on your storefront window, you could go directly to the agency or organization responsible for issuing permits, such as the City's Building Department or County Clerk. If there is one specific requirement from the authority that you have trouble meeting (such as needing a building permit issued first), don't be afraid to ask questions - after all, they're there to help, not hinder!

If what you need is something bigger and more complex, then it's time to start calling around. Oftentimes, the authority in charge of permitting will want you to front a hefty " deposit " - this is what it takes for them to incur expenses and hire workers in order to get your project up and running. Even if they're not looking at hiring anyone, there's still a ton of paperwork and red tape that they have to deal with, and it costs everybody money.

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A sign permit, just like a building permit, is not required by law. But as soon as you start hanging up signs on the sides of buildings, in alleys and other public property, or move your signage to adhere to any sort of government-owned structures, it's time to get one. Marvel Custom Signs can help you navigate the red tape and get your signage installation permit.

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